Radiotherapy as sole treatment of endometrial cancer. Analysis of treatment outcome
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GIN ONKOL 2007, 5 (3), p. 151-158

Radiotherapy was used as a stand-alone therapeutic modality in 155 patients with endometrial cancer, treated at the Cracow Branch of the Center of Oncology since 1988 thru 1999. In these patients surgical excision was impossible due to far-advanced cancer (clinical stages III and IV) (n=50), severe comorbidity and poor performance status (n=105). In this patient population, 50 persons in clinical stage I received intracavitary brachytherapy, while the remaining 105 patients in clinical stages II, III and IVA received external beam irradiation followed by intracavitary brachytherapy. In the entire group (n=155), cumulative symptom-free 5 year survival rate was 51% (n=79). In relation to tumour grade, 5 year symptom-free survival rate was 70.3% in patients with well differentiated tumour, 43.5% in those with intermediate-grade tumour and only 20% in persons with poorly differentiated cancer. In patients with stage I endometrial cancer, symptom-free 5 year survival rate was 82% (n=41/50); in clinical stage II – 54.5% (30/55), in clinical stages III and IVA – 16% (8/50). Multivariate Cox analysis revealed that independent prognostic factors were clinical stage and tumour grade. Cure rates were 82%, 54.4% and 16% in clinical stages I, II and III/IVA, respectively. Symptom-free 5-year survival rates were 70.3%, 43.5% and 20% in well-differentiated, intermediate- and poorly-differentiated tumours, respectively. Severe late complications of radiotherapy (3rd and 4th degree) developed in 3.5% of patients.

Keywords: endometrial cancer, endometrium, irradiation, radiotherapy, brachytherapy