Treatment of breast cancer as a chronic disease
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GIN ONKOL, 2005, 3 (3), p. 178-183

Breast cancer starts to be seen as a chronic disease, which may be controlled for a long time. Considerable merit in this edifying fact popularizing have our patients and their organizations. They testify the success of oncology, appearing publicly. This still need a moral courage, because cancer remains, in social consciousness, a stigmatize disease. During last years, in a lot of developed countries, there have been achieved decrease in mortality due to the breast cancer. This effect was obtained, because of constantly growing morbidity ratio. Acquiring of the death rate decrease with all the time growing morbidity is a huge success, until now not met in oncology. It became possible, because of using achievements of basic sciences in clinical practice, screening introduction, and, what is so important, conjugated treatment in most of patients. This result achievement was possible, because of anxiety reduction campaign, and because of organizational resolutions, making possible diagnosis and treatment in specialistic centers, treating breast cancer patients exclusively.

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